• Maudern Art

  • Stary Stary Fright

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  • Who's the deerest of them all?

  • Nothing tastes as good as being spooky feels

  • The woods were beautiful this time of year

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  • Does my bow look big in this?

  • No limbs...no skin, how very fashion forward of you

  • Flesh tones never really were her thing

  • Not even country air could bring life to their bones

  • Lana Dis'May

  • 'From clutch bag to cat in one simple step'

  • Brim Reaper

  • One Spooky Bird

  • An Autumn/Winter Ghost story

  • This Seasons Must Have Moggy

  • Embrace the lace or burn at the stake

  • Jane Eerie

  • Bad Scare Day

  • I'll eat when I'm dead

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  • Strictly Come Dying

  • The coolie hat is about to get a whole lot cooler

  • I bet her dress weighs more than her...........Bitch

  • She really nailed this seasons barely there trend

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  • Oh Ma'damned

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  • There is no new black...................EVER

  • Suddenly this seasons 'it bag' became this seasons 'it cat'

  • The veil; the only way to deal with a bad hair day

  • On the street... Grafton Street...... Dublin

  • Couture du jour

  • Shoes are soooo last season

  • 'Call the fashion police, we got a smooth criminal'

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  • Even floating backwards she was always fashion forward

  • Ballgowns at breakfast, wine not?

  • 5 Responses to Home

    1. Fiona says:

      I love your illustrations, I’ve been researching fashion illustration lately and yours are by far the most interesting and unique I’ve seemn.

      • Lyn says:

        Hi and Happy New Year to you, thank you very much for your oh so kind comment, its so nice to hear that you like my work, I really appreciate it. Do you draw/design? If so I would love to see a link to your stuff. Till then thanks for taking the time to write to me, have a nice day x

    2. stephanie shortt says:

      i am about to open a boutique and my sis has read about your website so i have just had a look and im sooooo blown away!!!! its brilliant ,funny.quirky to say the least, soooo artistic,fresh as a daisy…I LOVE IT…Will try find out if you are in my league and visa versa!!

    3. yoli says:

      These are absolutely amazing! I love the detail and the textures of your paintings. Minet is also beyond adorable.

      • Lyn says:

        Thank you Yoli, mucho appreciated, how did you come across us? Do you draw/paint? Id love to see your work. xXx
        wishes and kisses,
        Kitty x

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